Tully Arnot

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“Australian artist Tully Arnot works at the intersection of sculpture, nature and technology. Exploring the interface between virtual and so-called real life is a project that runs parallel to the tech industry itself, but where the industry strives to ‘solve’ the problem or make life easier, Tully’s work tends to complicate the collision. Whether he is animating fake plants or taking social media to its absurd limits, Tully’s objects continually confuse reality, even after we return to it. It’s an effect he calls an ‘uncanny residue’. Tully has shown work in exhibitions across Australia, UK, Germany, Belgium, Italy, China, Russia, and New Zealand.”

(Jim Whyte, Vice Magazine, 2015)

Lives and works in Sydney, Australia.

Tully Arnot completed a Masters of Fine Arts Research (1st Class) in 2014 at UNSW’s College of Fine Arts, Sydney. Prior to that he completed a Bachelor of Design (Honours 1st Class) at UNSW’s the College of Fine Arts, Sydney.

For the last decade, Arnot has exhibited extensively with commerical galleries, Artist Run Initiatives and museums throughout Australia and more recently, internationally. His work has been curated into exhibitions and projects at: Next Wave Festival, Underbelly Arts Festival, 4a Centre for Contemporary Asian Art, the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia and Brisbane Powerhouse.

He has completed numerous residencies including: the Underbelly Arts Festival residency; the 4A Residency with Shen Shaomin in Beijing; a Culturia research residency in Berlin; a Next Wave Festival residency in Melbourne; a Firstdraft Emerging Artist Studio Residency; an Underbelly Arts Festival Studio Residency and a residency with Fraser Studios in Chippendale, Sydney.

Arnot has been the recipient of numerous prestigious art prizes including the 2015 Marten Bequest Travelling Art Scholarship – Sculpture; the 2014 Australia Council, Greene Street Studio residency awarded by Art Start and the Australia Council for the Arts; and the NAB/Art Month Emerging Artist Prize. He has also been a finalist in theRedlands Art Prize, the FBI SMAC Awards, the Hazelhurst Art on Paper Award, and the Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize.

Tully Arnot’s work can be found in numerous private collections in Australia and internationally.

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