Lives and works in Perth, Australia.

Nathan Beard (b. 1987) is a West Australian-based interdisciplinary artist whose work is primarily engaged with exploring the myriad influences of his Thai-Australian cultural background.

Syncretism is a process which best describes Beard’s approach to his Asian-Australian heritage, as it implies that there are no fixed elements in culture but a contingent affiliation of disparate terms capable of shifting positions or altering relations depending on circumstances and permeable boundaries. The implicit tensions and realignments between binaries of East/West, highbrow/lowbrow, and centre/periphery are critically deconstructed and playfully explored for their creative potential in Beard’s practice.

Beard graduated from Curtin University with First Class Honours in 2010 where he currently works as a sessional academic.

He is also part of the collaboration The Greater Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere with Abdul Abdullah and Casey Ayres.

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