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Sydney Contemporary
12 September - 15 September 2019

As part of Sydney Contemporary this September, Artereal Gallery will present a new series of sculptures by Owen Leong.

Created especially for the fair where they will be exhibited for the first time, Forest of Stones is a series of sculptures inspired by ancient Chinese stone stele. Dating back to the Tang dynasty, steles are rectangular stone tablets inscribed with calligraphy, classics, or poetry, and were erected as commemorative monuments.

Leong’s sculptures are monuments to the artistic cycle of creation and destruction. He uses personal mythologies to describe creation and obliteration of the self, through intensive artistic processes of casting, destroying, assembling and recasting.

The rectangular form of the stele is blended with casts of the artist’s own head and everyday objects such as ginger, crystals, rocks and other natural forms. Created with an aggregate of concrete, marble dust and rose quartz inclusions, these works reference the passing of time.They embody a space between the past and present, between the self and world.


Alongside this new series of works by Owen Leong, Artereal will also present a group exhibiton of works by…

Lionel Bawden
Patrizia Biondi
Anna Carey
Stevie Fieldsend
Hayden Fowler
Sam Holt
Jess MacNeil
Ben Ali Ong
Elwira Skowronska
Zan Wimberley
Jason Wing
Louise Zhang

Also showing as part of Sydney Contemporary…

Zan Wimberley

Yioryios Papayioryiou
Installation Contemporary

Louise Zhang
Artist Suite at the Sofitel Darling Harbour


Visit Artereal at Stand E03
Sydney Contemporary
12-15 September 2019

Owen Leong, Forest of Stones (origin), 2019 Concrete, marble dust, rose quartz, 42 x 18 x 31 cm. Artereal Gallery

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