Born Sydney, 1993.

Luke Ryan O’Connor, is a Sydney based ceramic artist. An artist in residence at Experimental Ceramic Studios (known for their explorative, avant-garde attitude to the production of fine art ceramics), O’Connor is fast establishing a reputation for himself as an artist whose practice involves utilising the traditional utilitarian language of ceramics and reconfiguring it in imaginative and alternative ways.

Approaching making in a playful manner his sculptures incorporate a combination of throwing on the potter’s wheel, coiled hand building and haphazard slip cast additions. While referencing the utilitarian language embedded in the history of ceramics the work remains formally and functionally ambiguous. Conceptually his practice plays to notions of queer adversity, to celebrating scars and dissociating enhancement from conventional ideals of perfection. His work has been exhibited across Australia as well as recent international shows in New Zealand & Germany.

Brown & Green vessel with Platinum Chunks & Green Melt, 2021, Stoneware, Porcelain, Glaze, Platinum Lustre, 25 x 17 x 17.

Installation shot of 'Brown Green vessel with Platinum Chunks Green Melt', 2021, by Josh Bentley.



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