Criena Court

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Lives and works in Sydney, Australia.

Criena Court is an emerging visual artist whose practice spans collage, painting, sculpture and installation. Her work challenges preconceived notions of the painted surface and explores ideas of reality, perception and self, by exploring space and our psychological relationship to environments.

The notion of ‘un-becoming’ is integral to Court’s artistic practice and represents the breaking apart of observed elements (photography, nature, geometry, surfaces, colour), and reconfiguring them and their influence in distilled settings, creating new realities.



By deconstructing and reassembling the elements and base materials underpinning painting, and presenting them to the viewer, Court’s work is created via a process almost akin to that of alchemy. Through this re-examination of the basic ideas, materials and constructs on which the history of painting rests, Court challenges us to re-consider, re-imagine and re-evaluate their aesthetic and conceptual value, before re-assembling them in a way which allows for the creation of a new aesthetic value system.

Examining systems such as geometry, mathematics and architecture, Court forms a hybrid reality balancing conceptual binaries of within/without, above/below, real/unreal, nature/built environment.

Always aware of the tension between the work and the viewer (as a defining factor of the phenomena), Court ponders our formulation of reality and the level of illusion/delusion we are willing to entertain to formulate or reconcile the whole. As in the nature of the self, are we prepared to undergo fragmentation of the known to reimagine the nature of harmony and wholeness in the unknown?

Criena graduated in 2010 with First Class Honours (Painting) from the National Art School, Sydney. Criena has been a finalist in numerous prestigious art prizes including the 2015 North Sydney Art Prize, the 2010 Sir John Sulman Prize at the Art Gallery of New South Wales, the 2010 Lethbridge Small Scale Art Award and the 2009 Robin Gibson Gallery New Talent Exhibition Prize.