Saturday, February 22nd, 2020
Zan Wimberley
Obus x Create Impact Art Auction

Zan Wimberley has donated her unique and very poignant work ‘Blue Nile’ to the Obus x Create Impact Art Auction.

Zan Wimberley’s art practice is informed by environmental and climate sciences, and uses expanded photography as the visual manifestation of physics to show things about the physical world that we couldn’t previously visualise or comprehend.

This work tries to marry together the various nuances of the history of the Nile, it’s beauty and flow, as well as the panic created by the idea of water scarcity, and how water scarcity is becoming the increasing reality for many other countries throughout the world including Australia, with the exponential effects of climate change.

100% of funds raised through the auction of this incredible artwork will be donated to Create Impact, an Australian organisation that works hand-in-hand with remote communities in Ethiopia to provide education, water and health care projects that create lasting impact. Having spent time in Ethiopia, this is a cause that is close to Zan’s heart.

Hurry – auction closes soon. Place your bids here before it ends at 9pm, Tuesday 25 February.

Image: Zan Wimberley, Blue Nile, fine art print, blackwood frame, unique edition, 86 x 60cm.