Saturday, February 22nd, 2020
Zan Wimberley
in Photomechanical at Verge Gallery

Zan Wimberley is currently exhibiting as part of Photomechanical, an exhibition at Verge Gallery curated by Jack Harman.

Photomechanical explores the slippage between photo and object: how light is used as a tool for sculpting photographic material and how these processes might adumbrate some knowledge of the medium. The artists present a narrative of ‘light writing’ that is more emanative than reflexive of its own nature.

Zan Wimberley presents a new two channel video work titled Coal and Ice, that brings together the abstract, hyper object concept of climate change and its consequences.

Wimberley is exhibiting alongside Carian Bebgley, Jack Dunbar, Jack Harman, Mathew James and Sarah Mosca.

Exhibition closes 20 March, 2020.