Friday, February 21st, 2020
Zan Wimberley
acquired by Artbank

Congratulations to Zan Wimberleywhose work The Impact of the Relationship Between Light and Dark 6, 2018 has recently been acquired by Artbank.

For over 35 years Artbank has been at the forefront of the Australian contemporary art sector and is the most successful program of its type in the world. The Artbank collection was founded in 1980  and has since grown to include over 10,000 works spanning media including painting, sculpture, video and photography. The collection is made accessible through the operation of a unique art leasing program where artworks can be leased by the public.

Wimberley’s work is a considered exploration of the intersection between photography – not only as a medium but also as an idea – and the way it can be seen to metaphorically represent our own mortality.

In her 2018 series A Profound Gravity, Wimberley photographs  fireworks as a vehicle to explore and refine each element that makes up a photograph. Through this process, Wimberley   is able to transmute her lived emotional experience into a poignant meditation on life, death and the human condition.

Zan Wimberley, The Impact of the Relationship Between Light and Dark 6, 2018, fine art print on cotton rag, 150 x 212.5cm, unique edition.

Zan Wimberley, 1200h