Tuesday, May 15th, 2018
Monochrome: Empty and Full

‘Monochrome art has two origins: the mystical and the concrete. Its evolution in the 20th century illustrates the divide between the spiritual quest for transcendental experience and the desire to emphasise the material presence of the object as concrete reality and not as illusion.’ Barbara Rose

Yioryios was recently invited to create a new work to be exhibited as part of Monochrome: Empty & Full, a group exhibition at Margaret Lawrence Gallery at the University of Melbourne.

Monochrome: Empty & Full highlights contemporary practices of monochrome painting and sculpture.The exhibition presents the work of 30 artists explore the idea of colour as its own entity – a kind of presence, connected with form but not beholden to it, that has the capacity to both embody and conjure a range of meanings, associations and emotions.

Exhibition runs until 2 June, 2018. Curated by David Sequeira.


Installation shot_Monochrome: Empty & Full