Wednesday, April 17th, 2019
Sylvia Schwenk
Exhibiting at Galerie Oqbo in Berlin


Sylvia Schwenk will be exhibiting three films from her multi-channelled video work titled connect as part of a group show at Galerie Oqbo in Berlin. 


Sylvia Schwenk_‘what do you love the most ?’ from ‘connect’_ 2018
_19 minutes, 02 seconds
 single channel HD video_edition of 10

Galerie oqbo is an art institution in Berlin that is known as a “Raum für bild wort ton” – which translates as a space for images, words and sound. Sylvia’s work connect is part of a group exhibition titled bilder pro sekunde (or images per second),  curated by Christian Bilger. connect is being displayed alongside works by Els van Riel, Marion Krießler and Martin Conrath

Sylvia Schwenk is a multi-disciplinary artist who creates new perspectives of the everyday and the familiar by looking at the relationship between performance and regular behaviour, reflecting upon the significance and beauty of commonplace activities and spaces.


Created over the last two years, connect presents stories and interactions that build intrigue about who we are and how we relate to one another. The project includes multi-channel films showing a social and visual portrait of over 160 people – from local communities in Germany (Schöppingen, Berlin), Spain (Blanca); and the USA (New York City) – sharing their private stories and thoughts as they answer 5 universal questions asked by the artist. Each of these questions is the subject of its own film, with similar answers and counterpoints sewn together to build a narrative.

Watching and listening to other people allows us to see ourselves in others and by doing so offers us a way to start connecting. Sylvia says that “the world is full of possibilities. connect provides an optimistic possibility, a hope for creating a world of shared humanity.”

connect will be on display at Galerie Oqbo from 22 March to 20 April, 2019.


Above: Sylvia Schwenk_‘what do you love the most ?’ from ‘connect’_ 2018
_single channel HD video_edition of 10_19 minutes, 02 seconds.