Thursday, November 21st, 2019
Stevie Fieldsend
Rock. Paper. Scissors.

Congratulations to Stevie Fieldsend whose work is currently being cased at The Delmar Gallery in exhibition Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Delmar Gallery’s final exhibition for 2019 brings together the new and the very old, featuring works by 30 contemporary artists set in dialogue with curious geological specimens and ancient artefacts. Rock, Paper, Scissors takes the materials and dynamics of the children’s game as the launching pad for excursions into matter, deep time, friction and memory.

Stevie Fieldsend’s work seeks to detail an emotional state – more a feeling or sensation/bodily memory of a past event. Fieldsend is interested in how to convey emotional realities about longing, grief and death. Central to these perceptions are the notions of the lived body and transference.

Opening Saturday 23 November 3 – 5pm
Exhibition: 24 November – 8 December, 2019

The Delmar Gallery
144 Victoria Street, Ashfield

Image: Stevie Fieldsend_Long Stretch_2014_stocking, glass, soot_dimensions variable (for installation of 9 pieces).

Long_Stretch_2014_stocking, glass, soot_dimensions variable (for installation of 9 pieces)