Tuesday, June 20th, 2017
Simone Douglas
Re-tracing Knowledge Structures

Simone Douglas has been invited to participate in Re-tracing Knowledge Structures, a group exhibition curated by Melissa Bianca Amore and William Stover at Jane Lombard Gallery in New York.

Re-Tracing Knowledge Structures examines the architecture of semiotics and the con- ceptual “site” of knowledge. What is the “site” of knowledge? Is it a book? A library? An Art- work? Or an idea? Or is it content, form, history, or the visual structure divorced from its relative meaning?

What are the visual structures of knowledge? And at what point does a symbol become a structural composition, a line drawing or an image?

The artists, through various mediums, employ language as their primary apparatus, they interrupt and de-construct language per se, into new landscapes. In many ways, they return to the ideologies and techniques, once employed, by the concrete poets, that is, using linguistic fragments or elements as a structural visual form and as a typographi- cal aesthetic.

The exhibition runs until July 28, 2017.