Friday, February 21st, 2020
Shoufay Derz
MGA x Artist Auction

Shoufay Derz will be participating in the Monash Gallery of Art x Artist Auction on Wednesday 29 April 2020.

Derz will be auctioning her award winning photographic work Under Erasure, which originally featured in her 2018 solo exhibition at Artereal Gallery titled In Memory of Water. This artwork won the Peoples Choice Award for the Bowness Photography Prize in 2019.

Monash Gallery of Art is offering a unique selection of photographic works by leading photographers. This is an auction with a difference. MGA and the artists will share equally in the sale proceeds of their work. To secure a ticket, visit MGA’s website.

Image: Shoufay Derz, Under Erasure, 2018, Pure pigment print on cotton rag paper, Edition of 5, 130 x 162cm framed.

Shoufay Derz_Under Erasure_2018_pigment print on cotton paper_Ed of 5_160x128cm