Tuesday, June 6th, 2017
Sam Holt
2017 Recipient of the Marten Bequest

Congratulations to Sam Holt who was this week awarded a 2017 Marten Bequest!

The prestigious Marten Bequest is awarded annually to a select group of emerging artists and creatives across a number of categories from architecture, music, dancing, painting and sculpture. Winners of the award are presented with a $50,000 scholarship intended to provide them with the chance to explore, study and develop their artistic gifts through travelling either overseas or interstate.

Having been awarded the bequest, Sam Holt will undertake travel over the next two years to Japan, India and Germany where he will be researching and creating new works and undertaking professional mentorships. Sam will also be working towards a new body of work to be presented as part of his next solo exhibition at Artereal Gallery in late 2018.

Sam Holt_Self construction no. 896_2017_oil, acrylic spray paint and chrome vinyl on Belgian linen_168 x 137cm