Friday, February 21st, 2020
Sam Holt
FAMA Festival India 2019

Sam Holt was recently invited to create a new site specific work for Fuck Ads Make Art Festival India in Juhu, Mumbai. The resulting work was a spectacular constructed painting stretched across a 32 x 22 ft billboard opposite Juhu Beach.

Holt describes the work as being “created very much from the opportunities that presented themselves throughout my time in India and the 15kgs of leftover studio fragments I brought over. Working together with local artisans at times, I constructed the work in 3 days in car park space in Mumbai, after previously spending weeks sourcing and hand dying the fragments. It was a monumental project to achieve in the timeline we had, and the work looks to embody the collective nature of the relationships formed and the opportunities discovered when we are open to look and share.

Navigating our daily lives, both the paths that we choose and those that we reject inspire the directions we’ve taken and where we will head. My practice explores the intersection between our constructed values and how they permeate our relationship with time. Often too busy to see, we find ourselves caught up in the rut of everyday life, yet I noticed looking back that these unexpected turns of inspiration or experimentation always occurred from an observational intrigue I chose to explore. My work since I can remember has always been concerned with this act of looking and being engaged with an inner moment of intrigue and investigation for which I am now only coming to understand.”

– Sam Holt, 2020

Sam Holt, Too busy to see, 2019, studio debris: found discarded hessian sacks, cement bags and fabrics, indigo hand dyed, acrylic paint, stitched and glued together, 32 x 22 feet.