Friday, April 28th, 2017
Red, Green, Blue
A History of Australian Video Art

Hayden Fowler and Jess MacNeil have both been invited to exhibit as part of ‘Red, Green, Blue: A History of Australian Video Art’ at Griffith University Art Gallery.

Curated by Matthew Perkins, ‘Red Green Blue’ brings together works from the 1970s through to the present day, drawn from the archives, artist holdings and the Griffith University Art Collection.

Presented over three episodes, each running for a month, the exhibition takes the viewer on a historical journey that is also a celebration of the ongoing dynamism and depth of Australian video art practice.

Episode One – ‘Red: Everything is Political’ runs Friday 31 March to Saturday 29 April 2017 and will include Hayden Fowler’s video work ‘Goat Odyssey’.

Episode Two – ‘Green: Body, Technology, Action’ runs Tuesday 2 May to Saturday 3 June 2017

Episode Three – ‘Blue: Perception and Encounter’ runs Tuesday 6 June to Saturday 8 July 2017 and will include Jess MacNeil’s disruption co

Hayden Fowler_Goat Odyssey_video still_2006

Hayden Fowler_Goat Odyssey_video still_2006