Wednesday, November 20th, 2019
Louise Zhang
acquired for the UNSW Art Collection

Congratulations to Louise Zhang whose artwork The Pure Land was recently acquired for the UNSW Art Collection.

The UNSW Art Collection is a leading collection of Australian art, from the mid-twentieth century to the present, collected from a university perspective for the enrichment of campus life. The UNSW Art Collection began in 1955 and has grown steadily through purchase and donation to number over 1000 works of Australian art dated since the mid-twentieth century.

Louise Zhang is a Chinese-Australian artist who has developed a cult following for her alluring and fascinating paintings, sculptures and installations which mash together references as diverse as horror films and Chinese mythology, all articulated in the artist’s signature sugary palette. The seductive relationship between attraction and repulsion is key in Zhang’s practice – she is an artist who has become known for work which explores the dichotomy and tensions which exist between the beautiful and strange, the monstrous and cute. Louise’s work may be familiar from her collaborations with the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, 4a Centre for Contemporary Asian Art, the City of Sydney and Carriageworks. Having showcased her work since she first emerged in 2014, Artereal is excited to present the work of an artist whose unique artistic vision is now immediately recognisable.

Image: Louise Zhang_The Pure land_2018_oil and acrylic on canvas_102 x 76cm. Photograph by Felicity Jenkins.