Saturday, August 18th, 2018
Lionel Bawden
Painting Amongst Other Things

Lionel Bawden is currently exhibiting in Painting Amongst Other Things at ANU School of Art & Design Gallery in Canberra. Curated by Oscar Capezi, this multi-venue exhibition and symposium project addresses the idea of painting in its expanded form by considering artworks which broaden and critique the classical definition of painting. Painting Amongst Other Things focuses on artists seeking to redefine the structures of painting, and explore its relationship with sculpture and installation. Peter Alwast, Tony Oates and Dr Raquel Ormella discuss the artists as being able to “reappraise the boundaries of painting through their journey and intervention into the real world; through strategies of collaboration or mechanical reproduction that disrupt and break down painterly autonomy; or through their repurposing of physical materials.”

The exhibition will be displayed across a number of venues around Canberra, including the the Drill Hall Gallery, ANU from 9 August – 7 October, School of Art & Design, ANU from 10 August – 1 September, and ANCA Gallery from 10 August – 26 August.

Painting Amongst Other Things runs until 1 September 2018.


Lionel Bawden, These consuming emotions, 2018. Cereal box paintings Acrylic on grasp on cardboard, Groupings of 3 Each 36cm x 25cm x 12cm. Photos by Michael Rogowski.