Tuesday, October 8th, 2019
James Little
at Cement Fondu

This October James Little presents a solo exhibition titled Maybe the grass looks greener on the other side because it’s fake at Cement Fondu.

James Little uses gradients and reflective surfaces to investigate the influence of digital media on contemporary culture and the subsequent anxieties of society. Employing the image of silhouetted ferns as a motif, Little examines the relationship between technology and the tangible world.

As digital apps and screens increase in prevalence, artworks are frequently experienced via photographic reproduction. In an attempt to navigate our contemporary, often virtual environments, Little uses hand-painted acrylic and glass to reclaim the experience of viewing.  Simultaneously paintings and mirrors, his surfaces are inherently linked to the spaces in which they are exhibited, and to the viewer themselves.

This exhibition will be followed by a solo exhibition at Artereal Gallery in December 2019, featuring a new body of work.

Maybe the grass looks greener on the other side because it’s fake 
Cement Fondu Project Space
12 October – 10 November 2019
Exhibition Opening: Saturday 10 October from 6-8pm

(SS20) Artereal
Artereal Gallery
4-21 December 2019
Exhibition Opening: Wednesday 4 December from 6-8pm

Image details: James Little, PV-T(SS20), Hand-painted acrylic, glass, aluminium frame, 120x80cm.

PV-T(SS20) - James Little