Friday, February 16th, 2018
Hyun-Hee Lee
Gosford Regional Art Gallery

Congratulations to Hyun-Hee Lee, whose solo exhibition Journey Home has just opened at Gosford Regional Art Gallery. The exhibition presents a new suite of paintings and installations and runs until 21 March 2018.


Hyun Hee Lee was born in Korea and currently resides on the Central Coast. The  Korean-Australian artist has maintained a strong connection with her country of birth and regularly visits.

Sourced from diaries and notebooks, Journey Home reflects upon the spiritual and emotional journey that has become an integral part of Hyun’s life, with a focus on when the artist immigrated to Australia. These stories and remembered events are nurtured, revisited and relived through Hyun’s paintings and installations.

“I use personal text or script, which is derived from calligraphy, to tell stories and recreate moments in time which have significance in connecting me to my family and culture.” – Hyun Hee Lee