Sunday, July 3rd, 2016
Hayden Fowler
Dark Ecology

Hayden Fowler will be exhibiting his new work, Dark Ecology, in the New Romance: art and the posthuman exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney, partnered with the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Seoul, South Korea.

Co-curated by Anna Davis (MCA) and Houngcheol Choi (MMCA), this exhibition brings together 18 artists from Australia and Korea whose works ask us to question what it means to be human today and what it might mean in the near future.

The artists draw inspiration from science fiction, robotics, biotechnology, consumer products and social media, looking to explore the blurred lines between what we consider to be natural and artificial.

In Sydney, Hayden Fowler’s Dark Ecology is a clearly articulated cautionary piece materialized as a crisp white dome outside of the Museum of Contemporary Art. Inside it is a dystopian scene of apocalyptic fear: a fallen dead tree and a murky, sedentary creek. Rather than act as an epiphany for climate change deniers, the work is intended to be an emotional space for those of us conscious of the destruction wrought by rapid industrial growth.

Fowler says the work is  “exploring post-apocalyptic scenarios and humanity’s troubled relationship with the environment.”

The exhibition will run at the MCA in Sydney from 30 June-4 September, while Hayden’s Dark Ecology will also be exhibited at the MMCA in Seoul, South Korea from 22-28 September.





Hayden Fowler, Dark Ecology, 2015, mixed media, CCTV cameras, 8-channel, video, monitor, Image courtesy and © the artist.