Saturday, May 6th, 2017
Hayden Fowler
Now Represented by Artereal Gallery

Following on from his highly successful previous exhibition New Romantic at Artereal Gallery in 2013, Artereal is pleased to announce that we are now representing Hayden Fowler.

Born in New Zealand, Hayden is a Sydney-based artist whose practice is motivated by the global human-nature crisis, widely acknowledged to be at a point of no return. He is particularly concerned with the effect of lost natures on the human psyche, culture, and qualitative experience, and his ideas relate the destruction of the environment to the degradation of culture and denaturing of humanity.

Fowler’s methodology involves the construction of elaborate sets in which he choreographs human and animal subjects, creating hyper-real video, photographic, installation and performance work from within these fictional spaces.

Hayden Fowler has exhibited nationally and internationally and his work is held in a number of public and private collections including those of the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, the National Gallery of Australia, the Dunedin Public Art Museum and Artbank.


In recent years, Fowler’s work has been curated into a number of significant institutional exhibitions including: Precarious Nature, at the Centre of Contemporary Art (CoCA), Christchurch, New Zealand; New Romance: Art and the Posthuman, at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, Australia; New Romance: Art from Australia and Korea at the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul, South Korea and Light Moves, a National Gallery of Australia Collection touring video exhibition.

Fowler is a previous recipient of the Samstag International Visual Arts Scholarship, undertaking his year of study abroad at the Universitat der Kunst in Berlin, Germany. He holds a Master of Fine Arts and an earlier degree in Ecology.

Fowler is currently completing an artist residency with Intercambiador ACART, a cultural association based in Madrid, and is working towards an upcoming solo exhibition to be shown at Artereal Gallery in July 2017.