Saturday, February 22nd, 2020
Glen Henderson
at Museum of Brisbane and other recent projects

Congratulations to Glen Henderson, whose video work The Lightness Matrix 3 GRANDE SEARCH was selected for The Museum of Brisbane for their ‘New Woman’. The exhibition focuses on the lives of Brisbane women artists over the past 100 years.

‘New Woman’ presents a snapshot of the art, and enduring legacies of Brisbane’s most significant and ground-breaking women artists between 1920-2019.

Henderson has also recently been selected by The University of Queensland Art Museum as part of their ‘Workshop’ – a UQ Art Museum site for their audiences and staff to rethink how we see and display the UQ Art Collection. It is a flexible and public ‘whole of floor space’ for interrogating institutional processes.

Additionally, Henderson recently undertook test screenings of a number of her recent Digital Videos in Fed Square, Melbourne.

Brisbane Times Picture New Woman 1200h