Katie Sorrenson
6 February - 2 March 2013

Katie Sorrenson pushes the boundaries of traditional printmaking practice to explore the transient nature of our visual experience and the pliant way in which we focus and re-focus our perceptions of time and space.

The subjects for her digital prints are the banal aspects and objects of everyday domestic living that we take for granted; the chairs and couches we sit on, boxes and the numerous piles of non-cherished or discarded things that populate our surrounds. For her Trashscapes series of prints, Katie Sorrenson seeks to accentuate the fluid and transient nature of the seemingly inconsequential manufactured and mass-produced and often disregarded objects and detritus of daily life and our seeming inattention to them.


For All Tomorrow’s Parties (diptych) 2012 digital print edition of 5 72 x 107.5cm

She employs a range of visual techniques, ranging from moving the camera while shooting images for a kind of photo-dynamism, to conflating and interlacing stereoscopic images – suggestive of the indifferent and cursory way we view these things in passing. By creating a disjunction between the very ordinary familial subject matter and the aestheticized nature of the undefined and transitory final blurred images rendered in muted warm hues suffused into dense, softly textured paper, the inconsequential prosaic household matter is mutated and given a certain tentative allure and unexpected painterly beauty.

This is Katie Sorrenson’s first solo exhibition at Artereal. She was awarded a Bachelor of Digital Media from the College of Fine Art, University of New South Wales in 2001 and a Bachelor of Visual Art from Sydney College of the Arts, University of Sydney in 2012.

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