3 May - 25 May 2024

Artereal Gallery is excited to present Perchance a solo exhibition by Max Lawrence White. 

Exhibition Opening Event: Saturday 4 May from 2 – 5pm.


Perchance presents a body of new work that uses chance to dictate the creation of new paintings. In this collection the artist explores the possibilities of palette and composition through taking decision out of their hands.

210 colours from the artist’s studio were numbered then fed into a random sequence generator. The generator was programmed to select combinations of seven numbers at random, the correlating colors of which became the palette of each work.

A single composition was used for each painting, made up of 2 rectangles and 5 squares enclosed within a square structure. This structure brings balance and order to the otherwise chaotic colour palette.

By allowing randomness to dictate the selection of colours, each painting becomes a blend of unexpected hues, inviting viewers to contemplate the interaction of colour. Through this innovative approach, the artist seeks to challenge their creativity and biases and invite viewers to engage with the unpredictable nature of colour. Each painting is a unique expression of the intersection between chance and design that is open to interpretation from the viewer.

Max Lawrence White, 137, 22, 108, 166, 187, 129, 82, 2023, acrylic and enamel on board, brushed aluminium frame, 30.7cm x 30.7cm. Photo courtesy of the artist.


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Max Lawrence White
3 May - 25 May 2024

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