Portland Francis
1 March - 1 April 2017

This March, as part of Art Month Sydney, Artereal Gallery presents the work of anonymous artist collective Portland Francis.

Exhibition Opening: Thursday 2 March, 2017 from 6-8pm.


“This exhibition is a collection of recent paintings and sculpture that recycle modernist tropes of art from Cubism to Minimalism. The work avoids any underlying theory or conceptual rigour in order to focus on the aesthetic and formal choices we make while creating visual art. As information becomes an overloaded commodity, artists are slowly rejecting Conceptualism, a genre full of dead ends, and returning to Formalism and figuration even personal narrative. Audiences are beginning look for genuine stories and unique images, and are searching for it more deeply in art, as museum attendances go up and art infiltrates the social media feeds between countless pictures of food dishes, pets and selfies.”

Portland Francis, 2017.

Portland Francis is a manifestation of the invisible rituals and elusive tribes of the art world. He, like the secret alchemy of the studio or the councils of the gallery back room, is hidden from plain sight. He embraces the anonymity of the artist. Francis is a collaboration of the willing and unwilling; a silent observer, situated in many places at once. His many personalities have been involved in the international art world for years – a world akin to a secret society, where deities come and go and tribalism sees conflicting movements emerge. The work of Portland Francis exists in many times, traversing a variety of eccentric histories. Through him a new tribe in contemporary art is now born.

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