It’s A Circus Out There
5 February - 27 February 2021


Artereal Gallery is excited to launch our 2021 exhibition program with a solo exhibition by Sydney-based artist Patrizia Biondi.

Patrizia Biondi burst onto the Australian contemporary art scene in 2018 when she graduated from Sydney College of the Arts and was awarded the 2018 Artereal Gallery Mentorship Award (awarded annually to one outstanding Honours student from Sydney College of the Arts).

The following year in 2019, Artereal was excited to present Biondi’s first solo exhibition in a commercial gallery. A finalist in the 2019 PICA Hatched award, Biondi went on to receive significant attention from international collectors and curators, presenting her first solo exhibition in an international context in September 2019 at Annarumma gallery in Naples, Italy.

Since that time Patrizia has continued to show with commercial galleries across Europe and presented a sell out online exhibition with Artereal Gallery in 2020.

Patrizia Biondi, Entlemen-Ection, 2020, cardboard and paint. Image courtesy of the Artist and Artereal Gallery.

Patrizia Biondi, Entlemen-Ection, 2020, cardboard and paint. Image courtesy of the Artist and Artereal Gallery.

Patrizia Biondi’s practice is interested in the language of materials and the concepts underlying the processes used to transform such materials into objects of beauty.

Her artworks are made with recovered cardboard packaging – a choice of medium which emerges from her concern about humanity’s growing immersion in excessive consumerism. Such preoccupation with disproportionate consumption is related to the environmental destruction generated by interminable industrial production and by the unprecedented, overwhelming amounts of waste. Therefore, the materials employed are fundamental to the narrative of Biondi’s pieces as packaging inevitably infers consumerism, storage, advertising, global transport, aesthetic appeal, obsolescence and, ultimately, a globalised economy relying on endless consumption to safeguard its own survival.

Materials are unavoidably embedded in the history of societies and cardboard packaging is no different. This humble resource embodies the entrenchment of endless production, consumerism, disposability and fast profits with contemporary culture, an approach that leaves little to no room for excellence, endurance or a legacy of integrity by taking pride in one’s own craft. In order to share these ideas, Biondi makes sure that the recovered detritus retains all the characteristics that it was found in. The marks, the rips, the packaging tape, the delivery labels and all the elements that provide testimony to the realm of consumption are left visible or only partially covered by the paint, rendering the artworks anthropological relics.

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Patrizia Biondi
5 February - 27 February 2021

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