Giles Ryder
3 November - 3 December 2011

The psychological and physical aspects of colour and light and their impact on how we re-imagine and interpret space are central to the art of Giles Ryder.

The zing of ‘kandy-coloured’ neon, the soft ambient rosy glow from a pink flouro tube, the disquiet of violet, and the sleek reflective surfaces of machined metal utilized in his works impact our senses and perceptions of space and objects. Ryder’s works are hybrids of the found and the factory-made. He uses only recycled neon tubes and electrical elements, yet implements his honed industrial skills to custom-make machine tooled metal forms and apply meticulous auto-lacquer finishes. He takes a reductive approach to form, colour and line; in many instances, often distilled and pared to the minimum, yet always cognisant of ‘affect’.

Giles Ryder is very active in exhibitions and projects in Australia and internationally and is currently Asia-Pacific Artist-in-Residence at the National Studio, Seoul, Korea.

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