Saturday, July 27th, 2019
Ebony Russell
Franz Rising Star Award - Artist in Residence Program

Congratulations to Ebony Russell, who was awarded the 2019 International Franz Rising Star Award for excellence in porcelain, as well as The Franz Rising Star Project Artist in Residence program in Jingdezhen, China!

Russell is currently in Jingdezhen along with 9 other finalists, and will spend three weeks in the Franz Collection Inc. factory. She has been given free rein to experiment with new techniques and has been busy creating whimsical new porcelain works, as well as having the opportunity to explore the historical and cultural sites around the city of  Jingdezhen – which is known as the ‘Porcelain Capital’, and is famous for being the birthplace of porcelain.

The Franz Rising Star Project is a scholarship program hosted by a Franz Collection Inc. – a company renowned in Taiwan for their fine porcelain. Russell was awarded the International Porcelain Prize in 2019, along with a scholarship to attend the residency, out of 100 finalists and 400 entries. In participating in the program, Russell has been able to further extend her experimental ceramic based practice and connect with artists working in Jingdezhen.

To see more of what Russell has been doing in Jingdezhen, visit her instagram here.

ebony russell