Wednesday, October 9th, 2019
Douglas Diaz
collaboration with the BeCause Movement

American born, Bangkok based artist Douglas Diaz was recently invited to create a site specific mural for the BeCause Movement.

The BeCause Movement is a not-for-profit initiative that is here to change general perceptions about the role of art in restoring mental health and wellbeing; to help Australians see the known and effective neurological and physical benefits of art process. Advocating the increased adoption of social prescription as a relevant and valid treatment for depression, trauma, and other mental health issues, BeCause uses the collaborative skills of academic researchers, psychologists, psychotherapists, artists and community members to build beautiful art installations that actively change lives.

This movement was founded by the globally renowned artist and psychotherapist – Noula Diamantopoulos – who has dedicated her extensive career to the provision of constructive resources for building positive connections between minds and behaviour. Noula’s work is fueled by a deeply held ambition to eliminate the influence of shame on our collective lives and behaviour. She believes that with the support of a trauma informed psychotherapy practice and a better understanding of the effectiveness of art process on our mental health and wellbeing, individuals can move through debilitating emotional distress, to a higher quality.

The mural which Douglas Diaz was commissioned to create for the BeCause Movement, was launched to coincide with Mental Health Week and was created in response to a series of mosaic butterflies created by the local community via workshops facilitated by Noula Diamantopoulos.

The mural is located at the rear of Artereal Gallery, and can be accessed via the back of our carpark.