Working with thick impasto mark making Ashlee Becks’ heavily worked surfaces, act as a metaphor for self-discovery and healing.

Through borders and painted fragments collaged onto the canvases, Becks’ delves into aspects of identity, seeking an understanding and resolution of ‘the self’.

Through her painting practice a material sensibility guides her work, with loving, performative, and visceral strokes, juxtaposed with intricate detail, enabling viewers to sense the presence of the artist in each work.

In 2020, Ashlee Becks graduated with First Class Honours in Fine Arts at the Queensland College of Art, Griffith. In October of that year, she won the Emerging Artist Award at the Brisbane Portrait Prize and also exhibited her first solo show at Grey Street Gallery in Brisbane. In 2021, Ashlee undertook a short-term residency at Salamanca Art Centre and was selected as a finalist for the Brett Whitely Travelling Art Scholarship and the Sunshine Coast Art Prize. Ashlee has participated in many group exhibitions and has been the recipient of the ‘Arts in Bark’ Bursary and the Individuals Funding Program by Arts Queensland.

Ashlee’s studio is based in Brisbane, Meanjin.

Green with Envy, 2022, oil on canvas, 51 x 41 cm

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