Saturday, February 9th, 2019
Art and the Legacy of Architecture
Panel Discussion

Art and the Legacy of Architecture
Saturday 16 March at 1pm
at Artereal Gallery

Join us for a panel discussion exploring the intersection between art, architecture and colour. Panellists include: Yioryios Papayioryiou (artist), Polly Seidler (Lawyer and Architectural Researcher and Archivist) and Mika Utzon Popov (artist). Moderated by Michael Fitzgerald (Editor – Art Monthly Australasia)

Yioryios is a Sydney-based artist whose practice explores the boundaries between painting, sculpture and architecture.

Polly Seidler has an arts degree in architectural studies and later became a lawyer and specialised in copyright law. She also has a Bachelor of Divinity from Moore Theological College. She now helps manage the four small office buildings her family own along with helping various people (academics, curators, documentary makers, heritage analysts etc) find information on her father’s architecture and the artists he worked with. This involves managing the copyright (sometimes controlled by others) and arranging digitisation of photo negatives, obtaining copies of and cataloguing various recorded interviews held across various cultural or educational institutions.

Mika Utzon Popov is a Danish-Australian artist specialising in large scale sculptural installations, design and drawing. He works with architects to create works that sit in direct dialogue with the buildings they occupy.

Presented by Artereal Gallery and Art Monthly Australasia as part of Art Month Sydney 2019. To coincide with CHROMA/ΧΡΩΜΑ – a solo exhibition of new works by Sydney-based artist Yioryios.

Yioryios Papayioryiou, ANZ – Cobalt Blue, Black, Neutral Grey, Cadmium Orange & Gold, 2016-17, Acrylic on stainless steel, credit cards & perspex, 220 x 180 x 140 cm, Photographs by Zan Wimberley.