Saturday, July 27th, 2019
Anna Carey
Major Aquisition by SoHo House, Los Angeles


Anna Carey, Blue Pearl, 2017, Giclee print, 86.7 x 130cm


Artereal is delighted to announce that numerous works by Anna Carey have been acquired by SoHo House in Los Angeles!

Soho House has acquired forty-five artworks from Anna Carey’s ‘Twilight’ (2014), ‘Stardust’ (2016) and ‘In Search of Rainbows’ (2017) series’, as well as commissioning Carey to create a new work which will also be on display in their new Downtown location in Los Angeles. Soho House is a global private members’ club for people in the creative industries. The club offers accomodation, cinemas, restaurants and workspaces.

Anna Carey’s  practice overlaps both photography and sculpture. With memory and recall as the only reference of permanency, she interweaves model-making, drawing and photography to create fictive architectural spaces based on the urban environments of cities such as her hometown of the Gold Coast in Queensland, alongside Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Palm Springs.

Throughout her art practice, Carey focuses on architectural spaces as a medium to open up an imaginative realm for the viewer. She employs fragile cardboard constructions, documented in video and photographs to express and access the psychological sensibility beyond manufactured physical façades.

Carey will be presenting new work this September at  Sydney Contemporary 2019.