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29 November - 22 December 2017

Join us on Wednesday 29 November from 6-8pm for the opening of Agape. A  solo exhibition of new text-based neon artworks by Artist, Author and Psychotherapist Noula Diamantopoulos.

Noula Diamantopoulos’s latest series of cryptic neon works employ the poetry of the Greek language to explore one of art history’s most enduring and universal themes – love.

Initial creative stirrings and the ideas behind these works were inspired by a recently completed public art commission, in which Noula was asked to create an enormous 60 sqm mosaic installation, pieced together from over 20,000 jar lids. The commissioned portrait featured the face of Felicity Cook, a survivor of domestic violence, and formed part of the Love Shouldn’t Hurt campaign, drawing attention to domestic violence.

Responding to this theme of love, Noula’s upcoming solo exhibition Agape explores what it really means to love, “how to be love”, and like all of her work, challenges us to contemplate and question how we define love.

In the Greek language, the word ‘agape’ represents the highest form of love. It is an unselfish form of love based on recognition of our mutual affinity or sameness as human beings. From this word, Noula has created a series of poetic neon works, with the elegant Greek letters of each word, based on the artist’s own handwriting, being readable on multiple layers. Hidden within each word are a myriad of symbols and personal meanings, all exploring the power of love – in all its forms and guises.

Alongside these Greek words, the exhibition will also present a series of phrases and abstract neon works capturing gestures and thoughts, drawn in the artists own hand, that represent various qualities of love.


Noula Diamantopoulos is a multidisciplinary artist working across a variety of mediums including performance, sculpture, mosaics, neon, printmaking, painting and encaustics. 

Much of Noula’s work explores new ways of making, seeing and understanding both art and the world. As an artist, practicing psychotherapist, and holistic coach, she constantly strives to create work that captures and expresses those universal feelings and emotions which cannot be named or described, but are an essential part of the human condition. Her practice explores the life force and the whole ‘idea of us’ through her art.

Noula has held numerous solo exhibitions at galleries throughout Australia. Her work can be found in significant private collections both within Australia and internationally.

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Noula Diamantopoulos
29 November - 22 December 2017

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4 October - 28 October 2017