Hyun Hee Lee

Hyun-Hee Lee’s work explores memories and events as they appear to her from the standpoint of her present reality, she is fascinated by the way memories are distorted, changed and coloured by time and the emotional responses triggered by those memories.

Now living in Australia, she finds that the Korean script she uses in her work has gained special significance, as it has become much more than a communication device, and it is the essential thread that connects her to her past.

Hyun-Hee Lee is a Bachelor of Fine Art (Honours) student at the National Art School. She was awarded the Bird Holcomb Foundation Honours Fine Art Scholarship on the basis of her BFA third year art practice in 2010.

Hyun-Hee Lee has won the the prestigious John Coburn Emerging Art Award (2012) and has been a finalist in numerous awards including: the Hazelhurst Art on Paper Award (2015), the KAAF Art Prize (2014), the Blacktown Art Prize (2014), the Sunshine Coast Art Prize (2014), the JADA Drawing Award (2014), the Blake Prize (2013), and the Waverly Art Prize (2012).

Lives and works in Sydney, Australia.

#YOLO Exhibition Hyun Hee Lee

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