Artereal Gallery was founded in 2006 by art collector and philanthropist Luisa Catanzaro

Established as a commercial gallery with an emphasis on experimental and innovative practices, Artereal Gallery has built a strong reputation for presenting risk-taking and stimulating exhibitions by artists working at the forefront of contemporary practice.

With a strong stable of emerging, mid-career and established multidisciplinary artists, the Artereal Gallery exhibition program represents a vivid cross-section of contemporary Australian and international art.

Housed in a restored 1890s heritage fire station building in Sydney’s Inner West, Artereal Gallery presents exciting new exhibitions on a monthly basis as part of an ever-changing exhibition program of ambitious and rigorously curated shows from a collective of represented and guest artists.

With a focus on nurturing early career artists; presenting the work of artists operating within the Asia-Pacific region; and championing artists whose work challenges preconceived modes of practice; Artereal Gallery is committed to encouraging variety and experimentation in contemporary art practice.

At the end of the day we are a collective of people who believe in the transformative power of contemporary art.



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The Team



Having collected contemporary art for over three decades, Luisa Catanzaro is an avid and respected patron and champion of Australian contemporary art. With the establishment of Artereal Gallery in 2006, Luisa realised a long-held dream of one day opening a commercial gallery which would allow her to make a significant and long lasting contribution to the Australian cultural landscape.

With a background in Corporate Finance as a Corporate Executive, Luisa’s maverick vision of a gallery that both defied and reinvented the traditional commercial gallery model led to the establishment of a gallery which is in many ways more closely aligned to the collegiate ethos associated with an institutional organisation or Artist Run Initiative.

Built on the premise that each and every member of the gallery team should be empowered and encouraged to contribute, Luisa has created a collaborative and organic culture which enables its team members to truly embody their role. With curatorial input stemming from a number of sources, from the Gallery’s Senior Curator, the Gallery Manager/Curator and a raft of Guest Curators, the Artereal model enables all members of the team to own and contribute to the future and direction of Artereal Gallery.

With a strong focus on nurturing emerging curators and encouraging a wide and varied range of disparate curatorial voices, Artereal Gallery has been established as a commercial gallery committed to constant change and growth. Positioned as one of the more progressive commercial galleries in Sydney, Artereal Gallery represents the changing face of contemporary commercial galleries in the twenty first century



With a career that began in international tax Noula is the original 21st century ‘slashie’. Having practiced as a well-respected contemporary artist for over 18 years, she is also a published author / practicing psychotherapist / personal development coach and holistic business coach.

With a constantly shifting and transformative role that incorporates business coach, psychotherapist, creative problem solver and managing director, Noula is the go-to person for the Artereal team when they need a daily dose of inspiration, an injection of creativity and a fresh perspective when it comes to problem solving.


Responsible for introducing holistic business practices which integrate a wide and varied gamut of philosophies from emotional intelligence to a relationship-centred approach to working with artists, collectors and the broader community to experimental thinking, Noula’s role with the gallery is to act as a rich resource and support the Artereal team as it continues to grow, evolve and develop.



Since joining Artereal Gallery in 2010, Rhianna Walcott’s role has evolved into that of Gallery Manager / Curator / Mover and Shaker. As part of her role at Artereal Gallery, Rhianna brings an injection of entrepreneurial spirit, creative thinking and an all-consuming passion for contemporary art.

Responsible for the day-to-day running of the gallery and the only full time member of staff, Rhianna’s role encompasses all aspects of the management and running of the gallery and its team of staff, working with both represented and guest artists and liaising with clients, collectors and the public. In addition to this role she is also responsible for curating all of the exhibitions in Artereal Gallery’s Second Gallery space. Rhianna is the first point of contact for Artists, Collectors and the wider community.

Rhianna holds a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Art History and Theory from the University of Sydney and has previously worked with the University of Sydney Art Collection as well various other commercial galleries in Sydney. She has also worked as an arts writer for various contemporary art publications and is a committed arts philanthropist via her role as a member of the Art Gallery of New South Wales’ Atelier Program and her voluntary work on the committee for the Museum of Contemporary Art’s Young Ambassador Program.



Having worked at Artereal Gallery since the early days in 2007, Barbara Dowse is Artereal’s doyenne of Contemporary Art.

Barbara studied Fine Arts and Art History at the Australian National University, Barbara has over 25 years experience in the Australian art industry and brings to Artereal a wealth of experience from her various past roles with public collections including the Parliament House Art Collection and the National Gallery of Australia. Following her role as an institutional Curator Barbara has also worked extensively with respected commercial galleries and as an independent curator, art consultant and valuer.

Responsible for the Main Gallery curatorial program and for working closely with and mentoring Artereal’s represented artists, Barbara is a strong curatorial voice and holds the position of Senior Curator. As part of this role, Barbara is also instrumental in mentoring and overseeing the Gallery’s other curatorial projects and guest curators. A trusted authority in the Australian contemporary art world, Barbara is heavily involved in and fundamental to the direction of the gallery’s exhibition program and future.



Artereal Gallery is a participant of the Art Money program. Art Money makes owning art immediate and affordable – offering interest free loans for artworks priced from $675 to $50,000. After paying a 10% deposit, you can take your artwork home and pay the remaining balance over 9 months, interest free. Apply online for instant approval, take your art home and pay for it later. For more information about applying for an Art Money loan visit www.artmoney.com.au


Join us at Artereal Gallery every Saturday at 11am for an informal discussion and tour of our current exhibitions and the chance to ask one of our Curators each and every question you’ve ever had when it comes to the basics of Contemporary Art! Further information.


Artereal Gallery is a regular participant in art fairs both nationally and internationally, having exhibited at Sydney Contemporary (2013, 2015, 2017), Melbourne Art Fair (2014) and Art Central Hong Kong (2017).


The Artereal stockroom allows gallery visitors to view a wide selection of artworks from the gallery’s stable of represented and guest artists. If you would like to view artwork by a particular artist please contact the gallery so that we can make arrangements for you to do so.